CJR Article on NewsBios Uses Shallow & Shoddy Journalism

This is Chris Ip's profile photo from LinkedIn

This is Chris Ip’s profile photo from LinkedIn

We were unpleasantly surprised by the shallow and shoddy article about NewsBios dossiers appearing in the Jan/Feb 2015 edition of the Columbia Journalism Review. The story, by Chris Ip, does a disservice to readers of CJR, depriving them of a balanced look at our service and the role it plays.

If CJR botches our story so severely, we can only wonder what the truth is behind what else it reports?

If you are a journalist or a communications executive, you owe it to yourself to review Ip’s article and our rebuttal and decide for yourself.  Here are the tools you’ll need.

  1. Read the original CJR story
  2. Read our full NewsBios dossiers of the three journalists: Dyan Machan, Margot Sanger-Katz, and Ankit Ajmera (Available for free)
  3. Read our rebuttal and request for a correction to Chris Ip and CJR
  4. View one of several public reports on Ms. Machan’s 2007 donation to Hillary Clinton (below)
  5. View Margot Sanger-Katz’s LinkedIn page.

We invite your reactions and comments.


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David Crook runs the largest-circulation personal finance publication in America. Can you name it?

Just over 15 years ago, David Crook founded what has grown into the largest-circulation personal-finance publication in the United States, reaching the homes of 6.6 million subscribers each week.

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