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Some of the best tales in the news business never get told, because they are about the journalists themselves.

We think you’ll be amazed to learn details you never knew about the influential reporters and editors we showcase in this new feature, Do You Know Me?

Test your own media savvy and feel free to quiz your colleagues.

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Here is our #DYKMQ Quiz #4:

052615_DYKMQ_EDo you know me? After a short stint writing the Lex column from New York, I have been covering M&A for The Financial Times since January 2015. This is my first posting in the U.S.

I’m a native of Milan who has worked in Delhi, Brussels, and London. At City University of London, I was shortlisted for the “Student News Writer of the Year” award.

My wife is an author and opinion columnist. Her book is about feminist activism in rural India. I enjoy soccer and was a semi-professional player in Italy.

Who am I?

NewsBios: “Because what’s not in their official bios is often far more interesting than what is.”

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Any Journalist. Any News Organization. Anywhere In The World.

NewsBios are available on any journalist, from any news organizations, anywhere in the world.

Each report is fully researched and up-to-the-moment, including*:

  • Chain of Command
  • Work experience not appearing on the journalist’s official bio
  • Lawsuits and other complaints against the journalist
  • Family relations that could influence how the journalist reports a story
  • Insights revealed by scrutinizing the journalist’s reporting and social networking posts
  • Any possible biases reflected by the journalist’s personal life activities
  • Other information that reflects on the journalist’s character and proclivities

Each of our NewsBios dossiers is unique and reflects information our researchers are able to glean from publicly available information.  We NEVER contact the journalists directly and we do not list or reveal the names of our clients.

[*Please note:  Some data may not be available on some journalists, especially those who work outside the United States.  Since we never contact the journalists directly, we can only provide biographical details that can be harvested from public sources.]

Guess Who? He is Editor of the Largest Personal-Finance Publication in the U.S.

David Crook - NewsBios Interview

David Crook runs the largest-circulation personal finance publication in America. Can you name it?

Just over 15 years ago, David Crook founded what has grown into the largest-circulation personal-finance publication in the United States, reaching the homes of 6.6 million subscribers each week.

Guess where David works?  Money magazine?  Kiplinger’s Personal Finance?  How about Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Barron’s or Consumer Reports?


David Crook is the editor of The Wall Street Journal Sunday, which is distributed weekly in 69 partner newspapers, targeting the Main Street reader – people who have substantial assets in their 401(k)s or IRAs, but don’t invest for a living.

David discusses the unique reach and mission of The Wall Street Journal Sunday in an exclusive audio interview with Dean Rotbart, executive editor of NewsBios and himself a former Journal reporter and columnist.

If you write about personal finance or work in the financial services industry, you definitely need to hear what David has to say.

[Listen Now]

Also be sure to Hear Dean Rotbart’s interview with the editor of the new Businessing Magazine, aimed at truly small, small businesses.

Get To Know The World’s Most Influential Journalists…Before You Meet Them

Official newsroom bios and LinkedIn résumés only provide you half of the story.  It’s the other half that often matters the most – i.e. what the journalists don’t volunteer about their professional experiences and personal influences.  That is where NewsBios excels.

Our in-depth dossiers, prepared by veteran researchers, let you “know” the world’s most influential journalists before you ever meet them.  In fact, we often are pleased to hear from our clients that they gain insights about what makes journalists tick – even those they’ve worked with for years.

When your company’s or clients’ reputation is on the line, you really can’t afford to know only the “authorized” portion of a journalist’s background.  You need to be certain you’ve got the full story.

Bloomberg v. Reuters: It’s All in the (Damouni) Family

Sasha and Nadia Damouni

Talk about sibling rivalry. Twin sisters Sasha and Nadia Damouni, 35, not only are both financial journalists; they work for battling financial news services, Bloomberg and Reuters.

Sasha, who joined Bloomberg in New York in July 2010, specializes in coverage of the healthcare industry, focused on pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as health services and medical technology concerns. She previously served as the global editor of Pharmawire/BioPharm, healthcare trade news organizations owned by Financial Times Group.

Nadia, who is the “Corporate Board” correspondent for Reuters, has been on the beat since April 2013, keeping watch on the directors and management teams of publicly traded companies, as well as shareholder proposals, shareholder activists, and related developments. She originally joined Reuters as an M&A reporter in September 2010, focused on media, telecommunications and technology.

[Continue Reading Here]

Maria Bartiromo’s Unforgettable Birthday

Maria Bartiromo's Harrowing Birthday

As Maria Bartiromo bravely reported live from the floor of The New York Stock Exchange on the morning of September 11, 2001, still dusted with soot, she certainly realized she would never again mark future birthdays without recalling the haunting images of the events she had witnessed.

Bartiromo turned 34 years old on September 11, 2001, one of many of today’s working journalists who also marked a birthday on that eventful day.

“All we could see was smoke, we couldn’t even breathe, practically,” Bartiromo reported on NBC News (watch the video clip). “Frankly, I ran for my life.”

Bartiromo, who in 1995 became the very first journalist to report live from the floor of the NYSE, was outdoors when the second plane flew into the second tower. “The whole area turned pitch black,” she recalled on camera, adding that she returned to the Exchange both to seek shelter and to report on what she had experienced.

Bartiromo, who now serves as global markets editor for the Fox Business Network and host of the weekday morning program, Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo, was born in Brooklyn, the youngest of three children.

For a list of other working journalists who were born on September 11th, click here.

The Inside Scoop on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and What PR People Can Learn From It

Featuring Tanner Hockensmith – Executive Director, ALS Association Texas

[Listen and Profit Now™]

NewsBios Executive Editor Dean Rotbart takes listeners behind the scenes of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – a global viral marketing campaign that raised more than $110 million for charity in about one month.

Tanner Hockensmith, Monday Morning Radio

Offering advice to charities and business owners based upon the huge success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Dean’s guest on his weekly podcast, Monday Morning Radio,  is Tanner Hockensmith, Executive Director of the ALS Association Texas Chapter and a national spokesperson for the organization.  Tanner dissects the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge and offers advice on how charities and businesses can generate their own buzz snatching campaigns.

You can also read Dean’s article about his interview with Tanner on

ALS Ice Bucket Participants

Participants includes (clockwise): George and Laura Bush, Justin Timberlake, Bill Gates, and Jimmy Fallon

Donate now to the ALS Association.

Dean teaches his popular Buzz Snatching course at The Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas, as well onsite at corporations and nonprofits. Those interested in attending his next class, or scheduling him to speak, should email him at:

Monday Morning Radio is available for free via the iTunes store.  Click here to subscribe.

Posted: September 29, 2014
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