Do You Know Me Quiz – The Reveal

Some of the best tales in the news business never get told, because they are about the journalists themselves.

We think you’ll be amazed to learn details you never knew about the influential reporters and editors we showcase in this new feature, Do You Know Me?

Test your own media savvy and feel free to quiz your colleagues.

Quiz #4:

Do you know me? After a short stint writing the Lex column from New York, I have been covering M&A for The Financial Times since January 2015. This is my first posting in the U.S.

I’m a native of Milan who has worked in India, Belgium, and England. At City University of London, I was shortlisted for the “Student News Writer of the Year” award.

My wife is an author and opinion columnist. Her book is about feminist activism in rural India. I enjoy soccer and was a semi-professional player in Italy.

Who am I?


AnswerJames Fontanella-Khan, 32, is working in the U.S. for the first time, having arrived along with his wife, Amana Fontanella-Khan in September 2014.  She is an opinion columnist for the U.S. edition of The Guardian and author of “Pink Sari Revolution: A Tale of Women and Power in India.”

– Based on our February 2015 NewsBios dossier of Mr. de la Merced

Quiz #3:

Do you know me?  I’ve reported for The New York TimesDealbook almost as long as founder Andrew Ross Sorkin. When I joined in 2006, I was only 25 years old. My main coverage areas are mergers and acquisitions, white-collar crime, bankruptcy and restructuring, and private equity. I graduated from Seton Hall Preparatory School and got my BA in English from Emory University. I also have an MA from New York University in Journalism. I’m a native New Yorker. My brother is a physician at Albert Einstein Medical Center. Among my favorite foods: Carolina pulled pork barbecue.

Who am I?


AnswerMichael J. de la Merced, 33, is the longest-serving Dealbook staffer other than founder Andrew Ross Sorkin. His colleagues include Chad Bray, Julie Creswell, Peter Eavis, David Gelles, Nathaniel Popper, Ben Protess, & Mary Williams Walsh, among others. Jeffrey Cane is managing editor.

– Based on our January 2015 NewsBios dossier of Mr. de la Merced


Quiz #2:

Do you know me? Here I am posing with fellow Brit Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter. My five daughters would be so jealous.

I meet lots of famous folks. I’m now a top U.S. business editor who previously worked as an economist and BBC economics correspondent. I’ve also worked at The Times of London andThe Financial Times. Since November 2013, I’ve written a daily online column. I once described myself as a ‘right-wing curmudgeon.’

My daughter nagged me to buy a raffle ticket on a visit to Ireland and we won a pony, “Buttons.”

Who am I?


AnswerGerard Baker, 53, has been editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal & Dow Jones since Jan. 2013. A native of Kent, England, Baker’s career path has been closely tied to his predecessor, Robert Thomson, currently CEO of News Corp.

Following the election of Barack Obama, Baker (then writing for The Times of London), described himself as a “right-wing curmudgeon.” He and his wife, Sally Hinton, have five daughters.

– Based on our February 2015 NewsBios dossier of Mr. Baker

Quiz #1:

Do you know me? I’m a veteran print and broadcast business journalist. My grandfather was a Pulitzer-winning historian and served as the librarian of Congress from 1975 until 1987.

My grandfather-in-law was Paul A. Samuelson, the first American Nobel laureate in economics.

My father is an author who also writes and produces television documentaries and entertainment programs. He wrote the script for 2011’s “The Lost Kennedy Home Movies.” My mother works in public relations and marketing for a resort on the Emerald Coast in Nicaragua.

I was married in December 2007 and gave birth to a son, Henry, in 2011. Je parle francais.

Who am I?


Answer: Julia Boorstin, 36, is a veteran print and broadcast business journalist who since December 2006 has served as CNBC’s media and entertainment reporter, based in Los Angeles. She also blogs for, having garnered ample print journalism experience while writing for Fortune magazine from 2000 until 2006.

– Based on our April 2015 NewsBios dossier of Ms. Boorstin


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