Media’s Anti-Business Bias – A Conversation With Dennis Kneale

Ex-Fox Anchor Dennis KnealeIn his three-decade career as a financial journalist, Dennis Kneale says that he has “never seen the media be more anti-business” than at present.

Kneale is featured in an exclusive NewsBios audio interview, available to stream or download here.

In fact, Kneale, who now heads Dennis Kneale Media, a consulting firm based in Manhattan, labeled the media as “unabashedly liberal.” As an example, he cited the failure to date of major news organizations to mount a full-fledged investigation of the IRS, the Obama Administration, and their targeting of conservative nonprofit groups.

Kneale also contends that mainstream news organizations, including National Public Radio, “hate” big banks and big health care companies, while giving a pass to General Motors, which journalists perceive as a “blue collar” company. “I don’t think that banks and health care companies get a fair shake at all, and I think that the media have given up being an independent voice…,” Kneale said.

Read more about the opinionated Kneale here.

Direct Audio Download:

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