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Note: Her last name is pronounced “MA shawn

Beat: Executive Profiles

Quote: “It was a victory of will over strength. That sums me up.”

Writing as an adult about setting the record for chin-ups as a child in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


Ms. Machan, 57, is one of nine journalists on the Barron’s masthead with the title “Contributing Editor,” a position she had held since July 2012. She generally does not work from the magazine’s office in Manhattan and unlike those holding fulltime staff positions, she isn’t expected to report to work daily. To date, in 2014, she has contributed only eight bylined stories.

Ms. Machan specializes in interviewing and profiling well-known leaders of widely held companies. For each article, she does extensive leg work, often visiting her profile subject’s home, interviewing his* spouse and family members, as well as colleagues and competitors.

“[She] has a knack for snaring interviews with the biggest names in business,” her former editor, Jonathan Dahl, wrote of her. “She also has a knack for cutting straight to the heart of important issues.” [Mr. Dahl, formerly editor in chief of SmartMoney magazine, oversaw Ms. Machan when she worked there from 2006 until the magazine folded in 2012.]

These are her 2014 Barron’s articles:


Inside Schwab

In his six years as head of brokerage Charles Schwab, Bettinger has doubled client assets to $2.4 trillion. He’s only getting started.


Battle of the Brands

James Lillie helped build Jarden into a brand powerhouse: Think Sunbeam, Rawlings, and Marmot, among others. How he makes it all work.


Interpublic’s Michael Roth

Michael Roth steered Interpublic Group out of near collapse. Now he faces another challenge: A possible takeover bid from Omnicom or Publicis.


Kravis and Roberts

The first cousins built KKR, one of the world’s biggest private-equity firms.


CEO Spotlight: Cisco’s John Chambers

On the state of technology, and Chambers’ plan to put Cisco back on top.


Sweating the Small Stuff

Will Oberton climbed Fastenal’s ranks by sticking with basics and solving problems creatively. Even Warren Buffett is impressed.


Fastest Gun in the East

Tadashi Yanai, founder of Japan’s Fast Retailing clothing chain, has had huge success in his homeland. Now, he’s trying to replicate it globally.


Living the Dream

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DreamWorks is the nation’s largest animation studio. Will expansion and diversification make it a premier stock?


Ms. Machan has been honing her executive profiling skills since her days at Forbes magazine, where she worked for 17 years, from 1986 to 2003. It was at Forbes that she developed a column called, The Forbes Lunch, in which she dined with a mover and shaker, and then shared her experience with readers. Her interviews from that diverse series included Paul Volcker, Barry Diller, Evander Holyfield and Andrew Young.

Part of what enables Ms. Machan’s to get closer to Fortune 500 CEOs than the average business journalist is that her private lifestyle is CEOesque, filled with exotic travel, celebrity and prominent cultural acquaintances, social entertaining, and luxury living spaces.

Her Saugerties, NY home, located 105 miles from Midtown Manhattan, was showcased by The New York Times in 2011. The five-bedroom house on 12 acres features a killer view of the Hudson River. She and her husband, Johan de Meij, an award-winning composer and conductor – best known for his The Lord of the Rings symphony – spent a year renovating the space.

In April 2014, Ms. Machan did a video interview in which she recounted the Eco-African safari that she and Mr. de Meij took, during which they joined veterinarians in immobilizing big game and tagging rhinos, lions, leopards and elephants for research or conservation management.

Ms. Machan is also known for her charm and sense of humor. One example of the latter: on her personal website, Ms. Machan offers rewards for anyone who either comes up with a book idea that brings her a six-figure advance or a story lead that wins her a Pulitzer Prize. The winner, Ms. Machan writes, will have a choice of five rewards, including: “Free obituary-writing services (good to plan ahead)” and “all goods past their expiration dates in my refrigerator and medicine cabinet.”

While Ms. Machan’s profiles of successful executives are – by their very nature – more positive on balance than negative, it doesn’t mean that her profile subjects are always delighted with the finished articles, or at least parts of them.

On her website, Ms. Machan, herself, cites Paul Volcker’s response to her profile of him: “A great article, Dyan, but I do not wear cheap suits.”

Moreover, as noted in the Book section below, Ms. Machan has written that she is not above goading a CEO to get him to reveal information. “That was a mean question to put to a guy who hates to lose, but I figured getting him riled up would help reveal his character,” she confessed after one interview back in 1998.

At Barron’s, Ms. Machan writes for an audience of serious professional and individual stock, bond, and commodity markets investors and traders. In contrast, at SmartMoney, she wrote for a consumer-oriented, investment and personal finance readership. Her SmartMoney profiles consisted of lengthy interviews with chief executives and money managers. In 2012, she interviewed Ron Baron, the 68-year-old founder of mutual fund family Baron Funds; StockTwits founder Howard Lindzon; and bond fund manager Michael Hasenstab of Franklin Templeton, known as “the $100 Billion Foreign Currency King.”

Earlier in Ms. Machan’s career, she wrote for (the now defunct) Financial World magazine, Institutional Investor magazine, and Money Management Letter.

A substantial archive of Ms. Machan’s work is available at her personal website,


Photo (11/12): Ms. Machan’s profile of Denise Morrison of Campbell Soup

Among executives who she has profiled prior to 2014 are:

  • Lowell McAdam – Verizon Communications
  • Mark Bertolini – Aetna
  • Hugh Grant – Monsanto
  • Muhtar Kent – Coca Cola
  • *Denise Morrison – Campbell Soup
  • Edgar Bronfman Jr. – Warner Music Group
  • Stephen Wynn – Wynn Resorts
  • Steven Ballmer – Microsoft
  • Kevin Sharer – Amgen
  • Barry Diller – IAC/InteractiveCorp
  • Mel Karmazin – Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Jeff Bezos –

*In recent years, all of Ms. Machan’s profile subjects have been men, except for Denise Morrison CEO of Campbell Soup, who was profiled in November 2012.

Newsroom Address: 1211 Avenue of the Americas • New York, NY • 10036

Home Address: 100 Greymouse Rd • Saugerties, NY • 12477

Personal Phone: 201-612-8487
(The home at this address is registered in Ms. Machan’s name alone. It’s official valuation, according to public records, is $1,150,000. Zillow indicates that Ms. Machan purchased the home in July 2008 for $925.000. According to Zillow, the home was listed for sale at $1 million by Coldwell Banker in August 2014, and then delisted in September 2014.)

Chain of Command: Reports to Phil Roosevelt, managing editor, and Fleming Meeks, executive editor. Mr. Meeks was a former staff writer and editor at Forbes. She and he are long-time friends.

DOB: October 17, 1957   Joined: July 2012   Phone: (212) 416-2000    Fax: (212) 416-2653

URL:   Email:

Personal URL:       Personal Email:

Education: Kent State University, BS, Journalism and Economics, cum laude — 1979. She also took courses at Case Western Reserve University.

Employment History:

  • July 2012 – present, contributing editor, Barron’s (Dow Jones & Company)
  • 2006 – July 2012, senior writer, SmartMoney (Dow Jones & Company)
  • 2003 – 2006, freelance writer
  • 1986 – 2003, editor and later contributing editor, Forbes
  • 1985 – 1986, associate editor, Financial World
  • 1982 – 1985, managing editor, Money Management Letter
  • 1983 – 1985, contributing editor, Institutional Investor

Narrating her employment history on her personal website, Ms. Machan wrote about her journey since leaving Forbes in 2003:

“I thought it would be nice to introduce myself to my children (I have twin boys). I freelanced for a few years, which was great except I managed to lose money on most of those assignments. When I couldn’t afford freelancing anymore, I joined SmartMoney in 2006…

In my career, I have met three presidents and interviewed two heads of state. I may still hold the record for chin-ups at Lincoln Elementary in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. It was a victory of will over strength. That sums me up.”


  • Smart Ideas” column, Third Place, National Headliner Award, Press Club of Atlantic City


  • Smart Ideas” column, Best in Business Award for overall excellence, SABEW (Society of American Business Editors & Writers) – 2012. The judges commented: “Machan’s work is a welcome breath of fresh air. She handles complex topics with a breezy style that could set a standard for business writers.”
  • The British American Tobacco Award for the Best FMCG Submission, Business Journalist of the Year Awards— 1999


In 2009, on her personal website, Ms. Machan noted that she was working on creating a graphic novel titled, “Chameleon Woman.” There are no indications that the novel was ever published.

Ms. Machan is cited in the book, Bottom Line Writing: Reporting the Sense of Dollars, by Conrad C. Fink. Mr. Fink writes that Ms. Machan, in 1998, deliberately was rude to the “new chief executive officer of a major company on the first day he succeeded a legendary predecessor. Mr. Fink quotes directly from Ms. Machan’s article in Forbes, leaving out the name of the executive and his company:

“Sticking it to [the new CEO] a bit, I asked if he’s to be a caretaker. That was a mean question to put to a guy who hates to lose, but I figured getting him riled up would help reveal his character. He almost knocked over his soup.

‘Absolutely not!’ he roared. ‘[His predecessor] put [the company’s] footprints across the world. My job is to bring all that together, link it and really make it a united company – not a group of affiliates.’

In that one sentence, without my even having asked for it, this new chief executive clearly articulated his vision.”


(11/14): Ms. Machan is no longer on the board of directors of the Art Production Fund.

(8/03): Ms. Machan is on the board of directors for the Art Production Fund. APF is a nonprofit organization that collaborates as producer/curator with selected artists who propose ambitious artworks. APF endeavors to assist with projects that extend the physical, financial, or typical boundaries of art institutions. This nonprofit organization was founded in January 2000.



Photo (10/14): Ms. Machan posted a photo of her cover story in Barron’s to her Facebook page.

(11/14): Ms. Machan, compared to most journalists, is not active on the major social networks. Since our last report, the number of connections she has on LinkedIn has grown slightly from 199 to 213. She has a second, older and slightly different LinkedIn account with 152 connections at

On Facebook, she now has 207 friends, up from 173 in January 2013. She has posted some recent photos, including one of her October 2014 cover story in Barron’s featuring the CEO of Charles Schwab. But otherwise, she posts only infrequently.


Photo (9/11): A sidewalk chalk drawing of Ms. Machan, which she posted on her Twitter account.

She has not updated her Twitter account @dmachan1 since June 20, 2012 (total of nine tweets), nor has she updated her second account @dyan100 since February 2012 (also nine total tweets). Her @dyan100 does feature a photo, from September 2011, of an artist who created a sidewalk chalk drawing of Ms. Machan.

(1/13): Ms. Machan now lists 173 friends at her Facebook account at

Her LinkedIn connections now number 199. She still has only nine tweets at and another nine at, which has not been updated since she left SmartMoney. Among the accounts she follows @dyan100 is that of Andrew Bird, a singer and violinist.

(8/12): Ms. Machan has 181 connections on LinkedIn under one listing. Under another, she has 98 connections.

Ms. Machan now lists 172 friends at her Facebook account at These include her former colleagues from Forbes: Kerry Dolan, Bruce Upbin, Bob Lenzner and Matt Schifrin. Among her other friends in media are Janet Paskin and Missy Sullivan of Dow Jones, and Rob LaFranco, Peter Newcomb and Larry Reibstein who now work at Bloomberg News.

Another Facebook account appears to be largely her husband’s but her name is included in the account name. The page is at There is a photo there of the couple with elephants.


Photo (2012): Mr. De Meij and Ms. Machan

(Mr. de Meij also has another Facebook account at

Ms. Machan created a Twitter account at It has only 9 Tweets. She subsequently created an account at It also has only 9 tweets and 57 followers 

(9/09): Ms. Machan joined Facebook in 2007. She has 51 acknowledged friends and some invisible ones. Her Facebook friends include: Agneta Burt, Head of HR at SPG Media, London; Fleming Meeks of Barron’s; Joshua Levine of Forbes; Lisa Almén of Ernst & Young; Susan MacTavish Best, owner of Best Public Relations in San Francisco, CA; Suzanne Oliver, a former writer and editor at Forbes and Financial World.



Photo (2014): From Mr. de Meij’s professional website.

(11/14): Ms. Machan’s husband, Johan de Meij, will turn 61 years old on November 23rd. He has received a number of awards for his musical talents. Among them:

  • First Prize, for his cello concerto Casanova, at the International Composition Competition of Corciano, Italy in 1999.
  • The Oman International Composition Prize in 2000
  • 2nd Prize for his Symphony No. 3, Planet Earth, at the International Composition Competition of Corciano, Italy in 2006
  • Dutch Wind Music Award – 2007

Mr. de Meij has his own website at: It notes that in 2014, he became the principal guest conductor of both The New York Wind Symphony and the Kyushu Wind Orchestra in Fukuoka, Japan.

Mr. de Meij’s Symphony No. 1, The Lord of the Rings, based on Tolkien’s novels, has been recorded by renowned orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the North Netherlands Orchestra, the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra and the Amsterdam Wind Orchestra.



Photo (10/14): Mr. de Meij and Ms. Machan dressed as John Lennon and Yoko Ono for a Halloween costume party. From Mr. de Meij’s Facebook page.

In April 2011, Ms. Machan explained to The New York Times her and her husband’s decision to purchase a home in Saugerties, NY, on 12 acres overlooking the Hudson River. “That waterfront locations are so prized relates to something deeply primitive in humanity. The pursuit of water is ancient. Going with this, I sought some for us,” she said. “I’m not an artist, but when I’m away from the city, I feel more creative,” she added.

In March 2011, Mr. de Meij received his official “green card” from the U.S. immigration service. He and Ms. Machan were married on December 6, 2010.

Ms. Machan is a grandmother, from her son Lewis Berns, now 24, and a step-grandmother from her stepdaughter, Lindsey. Lewis is a schoolteacher. Lewis’ son is from his “domestic partnership” with Aja Maltin, who works as an executive assistant to the CEO of Solera Capital in Manhattan. Lewis’s twin brother, Kyle Berns, works for NBC Sports.

Ms. Machan’s mother, Eileen, 81, remains active. Public records indicate she still lives in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, where Dyan was raised. Public records also indicate that Eileen is divorced from Dyan’s father, Russell, who is 86 years old.

Dyan’s brother, David, 55, and lives in Massillon, OH. David works as a program manager at Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems.

Ms. Machan’s ex-husband, Lloyd, the father of her twin boys, is now 66 years old.

Ms. Machan is a registered Democrat. Public records indicate that in 2007, she contributed to both Barack Obama’s ($500) and Hilary Clinton’s ($1,000) presidential campaigns.

(1/13): Ms. Machan was born in Akron, Ohio. She became a business writer because her father was a subscriber to Forbes, and her third-grade teacher thought she had writing talent.

While a student at Kent State, she won first place in a limerick-writing contest. The prize was a trip abroad. She had previously ventured only as far as Canada for a fishing trip.

(8/12): Ms. Machan and her current husband, composer Johan de Meij, a Dutch conductor, trombonist, and composer, have both a city address and a country residence. In New York City, they live in a 958-square foot apartment at 252 7th Avenue. The building, also known as the Chelsea Mercantile, is where Katie Holmes has leased an apartment for herself and her daughter, Suri, following her split from husband Tom Cruise.

Ms. Machan’s country home is a five-bedroom house on 12 acres in Saugerties, Ulster County, New York, about 105 miles from Manhattan.

Ms. Machan and Mr. de Meij have a dog, Alice, and a cat, Aad.

Ms. Machan’s ex-husband, Lloyd Marshall Berns, formerly practiced as an attorney in the state of New York. He was disbarred, effective December 19, 2006, for a felony conviction, having filed multiple false retainer statements with the New York State Office of Court Administration.

Ms. Machan’s twin sons, Kyle Berns and Lewis Berns, appear to have grown up resident at their father’s home in Ridgewood, NJ, where they attended high school.

Ms. Machan’s nephew, the late Ian Christopher Stewart Lynch, son of her sister Karen, died suddenly while on vacation at the age of 13 on July 23, 2010.

(9/09): Ms. Machan grew up on a family farm in Ohio. Her father was a hunter. Her only “kill,” she has written, was a muskrat that she finished off with a stick after the dogs had gone after him. Her mother is Eileen Machan of Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Her brother, David Machan, is an engineer in Akron, OH.

(9/02): “Throw away those books and cassettes on inspirational leadership. Send those consultants packing. Know your job, set a good example for the people under you and put results over politics. That’s all the charisma you’ll really need to succeed.” This quote by Ms. Machan appeared on

(8/01): Ms. Machan and her 10-year-old twins boys recently took a weekend crash course in S.C.U.B.A. diving. She wrote an article that covered the travails of the class, then the later complications of finding a resort that would allow children to dive. After all was said and done, including a great deal of trepidation regarding their first open-water dive, the twins did well. Ms. Machan herself wondered if she should have just taken the boys bowling.

(7/97): She is the mother of twin 7-year-old boys, Lewis and Kyle Berns, and the stepmother of a 20-year-old girl, Lindsey. She recently wrote a humorous piece for Forbes discussing the elaborate and expensive birthday parties she arranges each year for her sons.
A number of years ago, she took the whole crew on a six-day vacation to the Sandpiper, a Club Med family village in Port St. Lucie, Fla., and then wrote about the experience for the magazine.

In 1987, she traveled to Portugal and wrote about her experiences for Forbes as well. She referred to Lisbon as “a city almost as delightful to stroll in as Paris.”


(The New York Times – April 7, 2011): Ms. Machan’s five-bedroom home in Saugerties, NY, was profiled by the paper, which also interviewed Ms. Machan. She told reporter Bethany Lyttle that she and her husband didn’t love the home when they purchased it in 2008, but they loved the view it afforded them.

Ms. Machan and her husband spent a year making extensive renovations to the home. Said Ms. Machan:

We reformulated the layout. We turned what had been a warren of rooms into a window-fronted house that drinks in the water views. An extension was added to accommodate our purchase of a 10-foot-long dining table, built with wood from a New Jersey bowling alley. The idea was to bring our friends together for lots of celebrations and cooking. So upstairs we created what is basically a dorm room for overflow guests — up to six of them. Nobody drinks and drives….

And perhaps more meaningfully, I’ve created a bit of a bird sanctuary here. I’ve let the grasses grow up again and marked the property line with bird houses.

(NewsBios Dossier – September 2009): Ms. Machan, a veteran business journalist, has held the title of senior writer at SmartMoney magazine since 2006. Although SmartMoney is classified as a personal finance magazine and isn’t best known for its profiles of major corporations and top executives, Ms. Machan has extensive prior experience in writing both types of in-depth articles.

At SmartMoney, she writes for a variety of sections and contributes feature-length articles. Her contributions include the monthly column “Smart Ideas,” featuring profiles of chief executive/entrepreneurs, usually small business executives, who have taken an idea and made a success of it. Other interviews she has done have appeared in the section “Street Smart — CEO Interview.”

Ms. Machan is also a contributor to the recurring feature “Smart Money’s World’s Greatest Investors.” She wrote the cover story “What the World’s Greatest Investors Are Saying Now” for the August issue this year.

Ms. Machan also reports on money management and executive compensation as well as small businesses. She contributes to “Street Smart: Pay Day,” a brief monthly entry of “Which CEOs are earning their pay and which, well, aren’t?” Recently cited as overpaid are: Robert Iger, The Walt Disney Company; Chad Dreier, Ryland Group; and Kevin Kabat, Fifth Third Bancorp.

For a 4,000-word article, “The New Broker Game,” published in April 2007, Ms. Machan went undercover as a client at leading brokerage houses and found she often received questionable advice. Of the eight brokers she met, seven could not explain either what fiduciary duty means or evaded the question. The story received attention in other news outlets.

Before joining SmartMoney, Ms. Machan worked for Forbes for 15 years. She left the biweekly magazine in 2003. Later, as a freelancer, her work was published in Forbes where she was listed as a contributing editor.

(American Public Media: Marketplace Money – March 23, 2007): Ms. Machan is interviewed by Tess Vigeland and offers advice to consumers seeking brokers.

(NewsBios Dossier – August 2003): Ms. Machan is a senior editor at Forbes. In addition to her editorial duties, she occasionally pens a story, having accrued two bylines since the beginning of the year. She often interviews billionaires and has used the Forbes “Personal Affairs” feature as an opportunity to travel, report to readers and have a vacation, all in one. Ms. Machan’s work is frequently cited on the Internet.

(The Beacon Journal — January 2002): A story about retired nurses mentions Ms. Machan’s mother, an RN from Cuyahoga Falls who is part of a group called Halo Nurses.

(Forbes — May 1999): Senior Editor Dyan Machan likes to conduct interviews over lunch. What’s the point? “Forks up, guards down,” she says. “[The interview subjects] give me insights I don’t get when they are just sitting behind their desks.” Is this a cushy job? “I’ve eaten in soup kitchens, busy offices, a restaurant burning down. I once ate an ant for an interview.”

(Forbes — July 1996): Ms. Machan wrote the cover story on Wall Street’s Herbert Allen and his investment banking firm, Allen & Co. She spent 2 1/2 years pursuing the story, much of the time trying to persuade the private executive to cooperate. “Convinced at last that Machan was not just another badly prepared reporter with preconceived notions, he gave in,” wrote Forbes of Mr. Allen. “Machan spent weeks talking with Allen and his 14 managing directors.”

(Forbes — June 1995): Explaining how Ms. Machan arrived at the idea for a profile of retailer The Limited, the magazine’s editor wrote: “Like most working women with a family to raise, Dyan Machan doesn’t have a lot of time for shopping.” When the reporter stopped into a Victoria’s Secret store to buy hand lotion, she walked out with much more. “I was bowled over by the style and the quality of the stuff,” Ms. Machan says. Mr. Michaels added: “Good reporter that she is, Machan was soon delving into the files on Victoria’s parent company, the Limited,….”

(Forbes — April 1995): Ms. Machan wrote an account of the romance and marriage of mega-investor Richard Rainwater and his wife, Darla Moore. “As a business reporter, it’s not often I get to write a love story, but I found one and had great fun writing it,” she says.

(TJFR — February 1995): Forbes’ Riva Atlas says that her top story from 1994 was one she co-wrote with Dyan Machan, Forbes associate editor. The story focused on how hedge funds were overhyped, which proved to be the case when they lost money. They also wrote a recap to the story that anticipated the problems that would occur for investors who lost millions after the market had “hit its peak.”

(Forbes — 1994): Ms. Machan interviews O.J. Simpson about his business mistakes and the high price he paid for them. It preceded his subsequent arrest on murder charges.

(TJFR — October 1993): Subrata N. Chakravarty, who on an on-and-off basis has spent 14 of the last 21 years at Forbes — his entire journalistic career — has been elevated to the rank of assistant managing editor. He becomes the magazine’s fourth AME, a new position. Assigned to Mr. Chakravarty are associate editors Seth Lubove, Rita Koselka and Dyan Machan, and senior editor Matthew Shifrin. “It’s almost an institutionalized mentor system,” Mr. Chakravarty says. “I seem to have become a better reporter myself in helping them focus. It’s been a symbiotic relationship.” He may also, from time to time, handle stories written by others not in his group.

(TJFR — May 1989): Editors and reporters who previously were assigned to Christopher Byron, who resigned unexpectedly, now report directly to Forbes Senior Editor Edwin A. Finn Jr.   They include: Edward F. Cone, Deirdre Fanning, Alyssa A. Lappen, Matthew Schifrin, Jack Willoughby, Howard Rudnitsky, Jerry Flint, Dyan Machan, Ruth Simon and Jason Zweig.

(Financial World — October 1986): For a cover story examining where money mangers get their best advice, Ms. Machan persuaded four top money manager to reveal their favorite sources. In an editor’s note to readers, FW Editor Roger B. Harris sang Ms. Machan’s praises. “That need for secrecy hasn’t stopped” Ms. Machan from getting the story. “For a prime example of her persuasive powers, hark back a few months to the magazine’s cover piece on ‘The Highest Paid People on Wall Street.’”

(Financial World — July 1986): Publisher Douglas A. McIntyre gives much of the credit for the magazine’s cover story on the top 100 paid executives to Ms. Machan. The story appeared before stories on executive compensation became trendy. Ms. Machan and a crew from FW spent several months working full time on the feature. Referring to Ms. Machan’s role, he wrote: “The great majority of credit for this cover story belongs to [her]….She did virtually all the initial reporting, supervised the other reporters as the scope of the story grew, and wrote much of the story itself. If the story is anyone’s, it is hers.”

(Financial World — February 1986): The magazine, referring to Ms. Machan, says: “[She is] our resident expert on the money manager scene. Machan has spent several years covering this beat, and she is always on the lookout for highly successful, undiscovered money managers. 

Previous Photos:


Photo (2012):



Photo (9/09):





Research Conclusions: Our research found no evidence of any of the following: That Ms. Machan has written a published book; is an officer of any journalism professional groups; is a regular guest on broadcast news or public affairs programs; has been involved in any journalism controversy of substance or has been the subject of a libel or defamation lawsuit.

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